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Gabor Balatoni - partner / business development manager

The person behind our widespread internet activities, one of the partners and basically in charge of the company. Personally, the happy father of a son and a daughter (born in 2010 and 2014), a long distance runner and an amateur triathlonist. Vegetarian and animal welfare conscious. Likes to read Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Jason Fried, Randy Gage and Eckhart Tolle.


Gabor Gyimesi - sales

Nobody could ever take better care of our clients in Slovakia. He was probably born with his excellent communication skills. Happy father of five (hereby demonstrating his active lifestyle, too) and already grandparents with his beloved wife. An amateur football player.


Judit Kovacs - sales (VIP clients)

Our "secret weapon" in the sales of genuine parts. Incredible memory and combination skills. Many of our clients insist on working with her. They certainly know why. Raising two kids (born in 2009 and 2011), happily spending almost all of after-office time with them. Likes hiking, squash, cycling and swimming. Found of driving cars and reading books that moves your mind...Brian Tracy and Eckhart Tolle recently.


Klaudia Toth - accounting

Managing our book-keeping and all financial issues on the highest level. Her job is her life and it really shows. Married for a couple years now, children yet to come. Enthusiastic practicer of kangoo jumping and pole fitness.


Laszlo Seregi - inquiries, order processing and technical issues

Undoubtedly an expert on caliper and compressor repair kits, while also busy building our ever-growing webshop and cross-reference database, which makes him one of the key persons at the company. Living in a happy relationship, spending his out-of-office time mostly in the nature, bicycling, hiking and swimming. His hobbies are motorcycle excursions, visiting concerts and festivals and fumbling with electrical equipments just for fun.


Szabó Sándor - raktár, szállítások

Sandor is our colleague with whom you can came into contact, if it is a problem with the shipments. Fortunately in recent years there were no reasons for it and few people knew him. His another function is the complex management of printing technology of the metal panels.


Tamas Saha - head of reman division

Tamas is expert when it goes about brake calipers and air-brake compressors. Personally in charge of the workshop and all reman related activities. Definitely our best choice to handle inquiries and offers for remanufactured components. A fun motorcyclist, runner and practicer of pilates.


Tibor Balogh - quality department

Our "tech guy" handling quality assurance, eventual warranty claims and all quality checks of incoming goods. We could hardly manage without him and his technical expertise stretching over decades. Lives with his wife, his daughter and son already grown up. Likes to ride his motorcycle or take his boat for a trip. Loves veteran motorvehicles.


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