Knorr / Wabco Remanufactured Airbrake Valves

The air brake system plays an important role in vehicle safety, so it is important that the equipment is reliable. In addition to the purchase of new airbrake valves, remanufactured airbrake valves are also popular in the automotive industry.

In remanufactured air brake valves, the valves are cleaned and damaged parts are replaced. During the rebuild process, the valve system is made to function exactly like a new valve. Remanufactured air brake valves are of high quality and provide significant savings compared to purchasing new valves.

Knorr and Wabco are one of the best known brands in the air brake valve market. Knorr and Wabco remanufactured air brake valves are of high quality and the manufacturers also guarantee their products. Using Knorr and Wabco air brake valves improves vehicle safety and increases vehicle performance.

The use of remanufactured air brake valves is environmentally friendly, as the recycling of used valves reduces the amount of waste and the use of natural resources. The parts used in the remanufacturing process are recycled, which significantly reduces the amount of waste and is an environmentally friendly solution.