ContiTech / PrimeRide / Phoenix
Proudly announcing, that we became Contitech / PrimeRide / Phoenix distributors....

 is one of the world's leading industrial specialists. Its customers can be found in key industries such as machine and plant engineering, mining, the agricultural industry, and the automotive industry.


ContiTech uses its development and material expertise for products and systems made of rubber, polyamide, metal, textile, and electronic components to combine these with individual services. 

ContiTech also offers functional and design-oriented living solutions and is always searching for customer-friendly and environmentally-friendly answers – going well and truly beyond its roots as a producer of rubber products.


New ContiTech lightweight air spring reduces weight in commercial vehicles.

For use in trucks, ContiTech offers an air spring with an innovative plastic piston in a lightweight design, which further reduces the weight of the vehicle and features an integrated buffer support for the first time.


The lightweight air spring with integrated buffer support minimizes weight and increases ride quality.

ContiTech is continuously reducing the weight of its air springs by replacing other steel or aluminum components with plastic components.

Compared with using steel components, the weight of the vehicle can be reduced by 12 kilograms per drive axle with lightweight air springs.

ContiTech also offers new product solutions to meet the increasing requirements created by small installation spaces, maximum spring travel, and challenging axle angles. 
Thanks to the special design, it is possible to combine a long bellow length with a small installation and compressed height and achieve distinct axle angles. In vehicles, this results in more loading space and maximum flexibility for loading and unloading operations on ramps.

Phoenix Air Springs                      

At Phoenix, rubber technology has a long tradition. Phoenix got started in Hamburg in 1856 with the founding of the “Gummifabrik Albert & Louis Cohen”. It quickly developed into a highly productive company in the European rubber industry.

PrimeRide Air Springs

PRIME-RIDE® has been an established brand since 1998 and stands for commercial vehicle air springs with an excellent price-performance ratio.

The product range has been extended to 312 items and includes the main movers in the European trailer spare parts market by as well as the major truck and bus applications. The former product range will be replaced by PRIME-RIDE® New.