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VAT-Refund deadline for 2014 invoices closing on 15th August, 2015.

We have entered strategic partnership with Madison International VAT Refund Services, whose specialty is VAT and Diesel Excise Duty Refund, primarily for haulers.

Thanks to our special settlement, all new contracts with Madison are now honoured with € 100 automatic credit that you can spend with!*

Madison is a leading provider in the European Market, offering services throughout the European Union as well as Norway and Switzerland. They handle an average of 6000 claims a year, based on 130.000 invoices.

Trust the experts, ask for your quote today and remember the deadline is closing on 15/08/2015!
After this date you can't claim VAT refund for 2014 invoices.

* Promotional offer is valid until withdrawn, exclusively for new contracts entered with Madison Spol s.r.o.. Upon notification beneficiaries are entitled to deduct  € 100 (one-hundred Euro) from their one-time payment to Euromotors s.r.o. ( Invoice amount must reach or exceed € 100, otherwise you are entitled to partial deduction only. No refunds offered, not transferable to cash. Subject to prior approval!

Ask for your special credit when signing the contract with Madison!

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